Evaluation European Research Infrastructures

We evaluate European research infrastructures in the context of ERIEC. This consortium is a cooperation between European quality assurance agencies that has been founded for the evaluation and review of European Infrastructure Consortia (ERICs).

If you need a review for an ERIC or a similar research consortium, please contact us for further information.


An ERIEC evaluation

ERIEC takes advantage of the best practices of various European quality assurance agencies. The review methodology complies with the principles of the working group  ESFRI monitoring. Other members of the ERIEC consortium are Hcères (France), ANVUR (Italy), AEI (Spain) and Evalag (Germany).

In 2019, the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN-ERIC) for the development and carrying out of multinational clinical studies was evaluated by ERIEC. The report gives a good impression of an ERIEC evaluation.


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