External secretaries

dr. B. (Barbara) van Balen
As a project manager for QANU dr. Barbara van Balen did many  educational and research assessments. At present she is an independent consultant (BvB consultancy). Barbara has a masters degree in educational studies (1979) and worked in several positions and several projects in quality assurance and evaluation of education, as well as affirmative action and diversity for higher education institutions and European projects. Her dissertation (2001) concerned the position of women in universities. She furthermore published on the development of  academic careers.

dr. M. (Meg) van Bogaert
Meg van Bogaert was employed at QANU up to 2017 as project leader and coordinator research assessments. After completing her master's degree in Pharmacy, Meg went on to the postdoctoral training as pharmacist. After having worked for a short period as a clinical research pharmacist in a hospital, she started doing research at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty in Utrecht. In 2006 she was awarded a doctorate in psychopharmacology with a thesis entitled: Predisposed to Anxiety: Involvement of 5-HT1A and GABAA receptors. Subsequently, she gained experience of the pharmaceutical industry as a regulatory affairs manager at a large, generic pharmaceutical manufacturer. She also worked as a project secretary at ZonMW, the Netherlands Organisation for Healthcare Research and Care Innovation, on the topics Alternatives to Animal Studies and System Biology. Meg Van Bogaert is research coordinator for QANU.

M. (Mark) Delmartino MA
Mark Delmartino manages a one-person Antwerp-based consultancy company. For QANU he supported the cluster assessment Theology and Religious Sciences as well as the joint accreditations NVAO-AACSB (economy and business) and the NVAO-EAPAA (public administration). Since 2010, Mark is NVAO-certified secretary. He has extensive experience in initial accreditation exercises, as well as in institutional accreditations both in the Netherlands and Flanders. With a degree in Ancient History including a one-year study in Italy, and a postgraduate MA in European Studies from KULeuven, Mark entered the labour market in the early Nineties working for twelve years in the capital of Europe as project manager and policy analyst in higher education, civil society development and disability services. 

M. (Mariëtte) Huisjes MA
Mariette Huisjes is secretary to part of the Psychology visitation in 2018. She studied Philosophy of Science at the Universities of Groningen and Amsterdam and before that spent a year at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Besides being a secretary for QANU, Mariette works as a freelance copywriter/editor for academic clients such as the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), the Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW) and several universities.

drs. L.C. (Linda) te Marvelde
Linda te Marvelde was employed at QANU from 2010 to 2018 as project leader and coordinator degree programmes. She studied English Language and Literature at the University of Amsterdam. Since obtaining her master's degree, she has held various positions at the University of Amsterdam. She was a project officer for the cooperation organisation UvA-HvA (research university–university of applied sciences) and policy officer for the Academic Affairs Department. From 2007 to 2010 she was project leader at the World Cancer Research Fund.

dr. F. (Floor) Meijer
Floor Meijer studied history at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and subsequently wrote a dissertation on 19th century masonic lodges in Amsterdam (published as Wereldburgers. Vrijmetselaren en de stad Amsterdam, 1848-1906). After obtaining her PhD, Floor worked as a lecturer and research school coordinator at the UvA. From 2011 to 2016 she was employed by QANU. As of 2016, Floor is a freelance researcher and project manager. An overview of the quality assurance projects in which she is/was involved can be found on her website (www.floor-meijer.com). Floor is based in Amsterdam, but spends a lot of her time in Brittany (France), where she renovates a small manoir, tends her garden and experiments with historic recipes.