What does QANU offer?

QANU has expertise in and experience with all aspects of the assessment process at organisational and practical level. Project managers at QANU are NVAO certified secretaries. QANU approaches candidate panel members, assists degree programmes in the preparation for a site visit, organises and offers (secretarial) support during site visits and prepares the final report for submission.

Degree programmes are required to be assessed in so-called clusters. These clusters are based on specific academic disciplines and often include multiple degree programmes at several universities. Preparations for the assessment process of clusters are time-consuming and complex. QANU is specialised in successfully organizing the assessment of clusters in higher education.

QANU also provides advice and support for higher education professionals and institutions. QANU offers quality assurance training sessions, workshops (eg with advice and guidance on writing a critical reflection), midterm reviews and thematic quick scans. It could organise trial assessments to prepare for site visits or the accreditation of a (new) degree programme. QANU also offers training sessions on internal quality assurance, and (systems of) assessment.

For more information on the advantages of working with QANU and tailor-made solutions for your institution, please contact Linda te Marvelde, coordinator degree programmes.



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