Other services

QANU offers more services, both inside and outside the academic world. QANU organises expert meetings and workshops for Boards of Examiners, as well as customised trainings on peer review and quality assurance.

QANU offers a range of services aimed at further improvement of the quality of degree and research programmes in higher education.

QANU organises training sessions and workshops for degree programmes in need of guidance, advice or support while writing a self-evaluation report or preparing for a site visit. It also offers training sessions and workshops tailored towards the development of an internal quality assurance system (e.g. for creating a quality assurance handbook) and on specific aspects of the assessment frameworks for degree programmes in higher education, such as assessment.

Additionally, QANU provides support for the preparation and execution of trial assessments (new and existing programmes), midterm reviews and thematic quick scans. 

For more information, advice or questions regarding QANU’s services, please contact Linda te Marvelde.

QANU offers a one-day workshop for Boards of Examiners. It is designed for new board members and for Boards of Examiners that aim to raise their professional standards. The workshop offers concrete tools to address exisiting problems and allows for the exchange of best practice.

QANU believes in a personal approach. QANU trainers have years of experience in quality assurance and assessment policy, and have served as external members at Boards of Examiners at higher education institutions. QANU provides training on location and tailors its workshop to the demands, needs and wishes of the participants.

Interested in participating? Please contact Fiona Schouten.

QANU’s activies are not limited to the Netherlands. In recent years, QANU has contributed to the development and implementation of quality assurance systems in higher education in Curaçao, Armenia, Georgia en Albania. QANU actively participates in the exchange of best practice by attending conferences and network meetings, by giving presentations and workshops, and by offering custom-made advice, support and guidance. In addition, QANU is involved in Tempus (Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies), for which it supports international site visits and hence contributes to the improvement of existing quality assurance processes at universities in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean region. 

To find out more about QANU’s international activities and to learn what QANU could do for your institution, please contact Linda te Marvelde

QANU organises expert meetings on current issues and developments in the field of quality assurance. During these meetings, policy makers, quality assurance experts, educationalists and teachers share experiences, practice and expertise while gaining new insights. The aim of these expert meetings is to reveal the state of the art in quality assurance and to learn from one another. Recent expert meetings addressed assessment practices in higher education and the current assessment and evaluation regime and procedures.